This is an overview of some of the projects I was dramaturgically involved in.
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Archa Theatre – Prague & Living Dance Studio – Beijing

Dramaturgical assistance for Jana Svobodová, Wen Hui and co. for Ordinary People. (2017)

Archa Theatre – Prague

During my doctoral research, I became involved in dramaturgical advice for the performance Vadí-nevadí (Who’s a chicken and who’s a hero?), based on the stories of the people in the refugee centre and involving the local children of a small town in East Bohemia. Vadí-nevadí  is a popular Czech children’s game; when are we heroes and when are we losers in the eyes of those around us? See also Van Heugten 2014 – Tuning in to European Dissonance – Handbook Karaoke Europe. (apr. 2013 – feb. 2014)

The Memory Booth – Amsterdam/Melbourne
FLYER Memory Booth.jpg

Working with an international team on developing the interactive performance installation The Memory Booth. (nov. 2010 – aug. 2011)

Internship for MAIPR, assisting the director Kevin Finnan in research and dramaturgy for the performance Scattered. (apr. 2009 – jun. 2009)

The Alunsina Network – Amsterdam

As a collective of international students, we conceptualised and organized Cross-Channels, an intercultural festival exploring artistic and performative initiatives in the Universiteitstheater Amsterdam. I was also involved as dramaturge in the performance The Alunsina Network, written by playwright Maya Arad, directed by meLê Yamomo, choreographies by Helen Pokrovskaia.

Director’s assistant with director Hans Trentelman for the site-specific performance Petrus Regout (Erik-Ward Geerlings). (apr. 2007 – mei 2007)




Adel Blank, Maastricht

Director’s assistant with director Karlo Severdija for the site-specific performance Adel Blank (Alex van Warmerdam). (mei – juni 2004)