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House on Fire 2012-2017
House on Fire was a multi-annual project, supported by the European Union’s Culture Programme 2007-2013. The network aimed to develop the critical potential of the performing arts in a European context. (Published 2017, House on Fire)

‘Tuning in to European Dissonance’
Chapter in Handbook to Social Specific Theatre (ed. Anna Lengyel), a publication of the Karaoke Europe Project, with support of the European Union Culture Programme, May 2014.

Theatre as a vortex of behaviour in Dutch multicultural society
MA thesis published with Tectum Verlag, 2013.

‘Questions from a research trip’
Brief reflection after the First Research Caravan in China of Transnational Dialogues (European Alternatives) supported by the European Commission Youth in Action Programme, December 2012.

‘Welkom in het hoofd van de dictator
Essay over El Año de Ricardo van Angélica Liddell, Theaterschrift Lucifer, April 2011.

‘Theater als symbolisch strijdtoneel’
Essay voor Masterclass Journalistic Writing, Domein voor Kunstkritiek & Springdance, June 2011.